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Archery Tips – Common Beginner Mistakes

Archery is a simple sport to pick-up, but a hard one to master. No matter what archery tips you receive, if you do not practice, you can’t put them to good use, and you will not improve. Considering this, there are many mistakes that are common among beginners and sometimes even among more experienced archers.

The Competitive Sport of Archery

Around the world throughout history and up to and including the present day, the ancient sport of archery has been practiced. The modern bow is far more superior than the ones used by the hunters, warriors and military of days gone by. Archery has been and still is the skill of firing an arrow from a bow at a target, but is now mainly used for recreational purposes.

Compound Bow – A Long Way Since Robin Hood

If Robin Hood had a compound bow it could have certainly made life more difficult for the Sheriff of Nottingham. Compound archery is much faster, further and more accurate than traditional methods.

Archery Crossbows and High Ropes Course – The Games of Prey

There are many games in this world that may not be a part of the Olympics or any other international championship meet but that does not in any way affect their popularity and pursuit among people who like to play them. Apparently some of these sports may seem dangerous or even extraordinary. But to those who play or partake in them these games of prey mean more of a passion than a mere sport.

Archery Technique – Starting From Scratch

Getting rid of deep rooted problems with your shooting technique can be incredibly difficult. This article explores getting back to basics, and why getting a coach involved can greatly speed up the process.

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