It can be difficult to choose the ideal keychain for your project. You wonder which option will best represent your brand out of the thousands available. Additionally, the ideal choice to realise your goal can occasionally not even be available. We can help with that thanks to our uniquely shaped vinyl keychains. In this product focus, you can learn more about how we can transform your artwork into a distinctive keychain and view examples of previous works.

You have already logged countless hours scrolling through what seems like an infinite number of keychain alternatives. And while your logo may look great on a rectangular keychain, it might not have the desired impact. Your artwork can be greatly enhanced by a unique shape. Your artwork becomes the shape of the product rather than being placed on a predetermined blank spot, which results in a more unified display of your brand.

Our custom-shaped vinyl keychains begin with a soft vinyl base that is adaptable and strong. Then, we cut the distinctive form customised for your artwork using a die that was carefully produced. To produce hundreds of keychain blanks for your order, this process is simply repeated.

Of course, a properly personalised keychain need more than just shape. You should also include your artwork and message on there. Select from 1 or 2 sides of printing and up to 3 different imprint colours. Our inks are of the highest calibre and made to withstand being kept in a pocket with keys; the ink doesn’t chip or peel.

Options for colour
Pick some colours that suit your creativity. 11 solid and 6 translucent vinyl colours, as well as 49 ink imprint colours, are available. It will undoubtedly be feasible to meet your artistic vision because there are so many possible combinations. Even metallic hues and a matte white intended for writing are available as ink colours.

It’s up to you to begin dreaming up your design now that you are aware of what we are capable of. Do you wish to utilise your logo? You might want to promote yourself with a mascot or some cartoon characters. Consider the possibilities. See how we can move from an initial logo concept to a digital proof to a finished result in the samples below.


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