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How Regular Practice Can Make You a Worse Archer

This article discusses how regularly practising bad technique can harm your shooting by deep rooting your bad technique in your subconscious, and how you can combat this – particularly focusing on better coaching (even for advanced archers!). I had the following idea listening to a conversation about baseball, but thought it applied equally well to archery…

The Amazing Physics of Archery

Anticipation grows as you swing your bow up, brace your arm and carefully draw the bowstring back bracing your hand and fingers holding the bowstring at your cheek. Sighting down the arrow shaft, and being careful not to make any herky jerky moves, you carefully release your fingers from the string and Wham! You hit right on target center. Well hopefully anyway.

Building a Tackle Box

Baby powder, adhesive tape, paper clips, glue, pins, thread, rubber bands, pencil, file, pliers, bees wax; the list of items found in an archer’s kit is as endless as the variety of items found in a house wife’s sewing basket. The simile does not end there as the bowman too is apparently unable to discard an item of tackle which has outlived its usefulness. Look in any tackle box and a goodly portion of the contents is made up of worn out tabs, old shooting gloves, outsized arrow nocks, dis­carded bow sights, and perhaps several bow strings from bows which have long since been retired or relegated to the attic. Even the expert archer is a pushover for any new type of bow that comes on the market.

Novelty Shoots

Monotony probably drives more archers into re­tirement than age or any other factor. Over the years, a sur­prisingly large number of archers who do not hunt have laid aside the bow because of lack of variety in the shoots conducted by their local clubs. When a club offers nothing but the op­portunity to acquire an A rating and planning is directed solely to that end, the average bowman loses interest in tramp­ing the same course and shooting at the same targets day after day with the only objective the possibility of picking up a few more points to increase the total score for the round. The unvaried sameness of target shooting dulls an archer’s interest in an even shorter length of time.

Suggestions For Archery Amateurs

Archery is one of the oldest games. Of course, this game may be a little challenging to master but it does offer a rewarding experience. If you are just starting with this sport, then here are a few easy tricks that could prove to be of perfect help.

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