The best 3 internet speed tests: Test your broadband connection

For many people, working from home has become the new standard. Home internet connections are still essential for people who need to join a Microsoft Teams or Zoom video chat while the kids are taking online courses, playing Fortnite, or watching Netflix because businesses are now implementing hybrid working arrangements.

Here are three reliable internet speed tests, according to ZDNet. You’ll probably need to repeat the tests and compare the results on several devices throughout the day to obtain an accurate picture of your broadband speed. Doing these tests on various devices connected to your home network can be worthwhile. If one device delivers a much slower or quicker result than another, you might be dealing with a LAN or Wi-Fi issue rather than a network issue with your broadband provider.

Ookla’s Speedtest

One of the first broadband speed tests was Speedtest from Ookla, which owns the outage site Downdetector. It provides an ISP with a snapshot of the download and upload speeds via its website or a small Windows 10 or macOS app. Additionally, it is available in 17 other languages, and if you create an account, you can monitor your speed changes over time.

The service shows the current upload and download speeds and ping, jitter, and packet loss measurements. A setting feature that most other tests lack is the ability to alter the ISP speed test’s local server. Additionally, outcomes can be posted on social media.


  • A general-purpose broadband speed test has been in use since that year.
  • There is no ISP or service provider attached to it.
  • The host server from which users can test their ISP’s speed can be chosen.


  • The website employs technical language that some users might not understand.
  • Ads and ad trackers are everywhere.


Like the other items on this list, Netflix’s broadband speed is managed by a business with a stake in its users’ ability to stream material quickly.

Therefore, there are no longer any open issues regarding possible bias in ISP-run speed tests. Additionally, the tests are conducted globally on servers where Netflix has appliances for its massive content distribution network deployed (CDN).


  • It is intended to measure how quickly you connect to Netflix’s servers.
  • No advertising is present.
  • If you’re watching Netflix, it matters where you are about your connection.


  • It’s not intended to measure the speed of your ISP’s connection.
  • Results are particular to the Netflix system
  • offers only download speeds.

The Google speed test for Stadia online gaming

Since its 2019 launch, the Google Stadia online gaming platform has experienced a few setbacks. Still, it is a vast platform, and the corporation knows that consumer broadband speeds are essential for acceptance.

To stream games on Stadia, Google advises a download connection of at least 10 Mbps, while better speeds are advised for monitors with resolutions higher than 720p HD.


  • It is a general-purpose test of broadband speed built on a platform that has been around since 2006.
  • There is no ISP or service provider attached to it.
  • Users can choose the host server to run a speed test using their ISP.


  • Despite providing helpful measurements for everyone, it is primarily focused on Stadia.

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