Shreyas Iyer & Venkatesh Iyer are Kolkata’s talismen: Joy Bhattacharjya

How Do You Determine the Optimum Archery Arrow Length

Information and tips about how to determine what archery arrow length you should be using. Simple task to measure archery arrow length. Included are industry guidelines to arrow weight.

Bow Hunting – An Ancient Art For Hunting Game

The ancient art of bow hunting is still widely used today in many countries around the world. Hunting large game animals such as deer and elk with a recurve bow and arrows has maintained it’s unique popularity throughout the ages only to emerge today as one of the most popular styles among hunters. Compared to hunting with rifles, which is considered the long distance method, bow hunting requires much more skill and cunning. The bow hunter has to use stealth and stalking techniques that will enable him to get within close proximity to the wild game without alarming it so he can launch an arrow accurately enough to kill it.

Katniss Everdeen Brings Fascination To Bow Hunting for Women

Women’s archery and bow hunting for women are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Katniss Everdeen from the “Hunger Games” and real life Olympic athletes are bringing attention to these sports as never before.

Archery For Beginners – Tips For Leaning Easily And Effectively

Archery for beginners may be quite difficult. Nonetheless, with useful hints that serve as guideline, learning archery can become easier and more effective.

Best Quality Archery Supplies

There are some of the games that have been derived from the times of Vedas and Lords that include archery, hunting and sword fights among many others. The only difference is that earlier these amazing forms of art were considered as the life saving techniques and were thus used in the wars to fight against the evils, but now they are being adopted as the sports. However every game has some rules and requires some equipment in order to be played with appropriate technique.

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