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Diamond Edge, Is it the Right Youth Bow For Your Kids?

In most cases when someone is looking for a youth bow they will typically run into very cheap versions of bows. These bows are purely for practice and fun; they are not intended for hunting. As it may be good for a very young archer that you are only wanting to give them the idea of how a bow works and the basic principles of how to use it.

The Traditional Recurve

There’s been a lot of hype or debate if you will over the years as to which is better – the traditional recurve or the compound bow? Of all the articles that I have read it basically boils down to personal preference.

Archery Hunting Techniques

For those who are just beginning their hunting “careers” choosing a specific hunting technique can be confusing. You may be wondering which is the best way to hunt, which technique is best for my area, or just what the differences in techniques are. There are a majority of hunting techniques that you can choose from, and you do not have to stick to any one technique.

Archery Fitness

Archery is a physically demanding sport. Stretching and strengthening exercises are extremely important in order to avoid possible injuries.

Youth Archery – How to Get Them Started

Looking for a great way to bond with your son or daughter? Show them your passion for the outdoors, and archery. There is no better way to teach a child patience and appreciation for nature.

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