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Understanding Compound Bows

The compound bow uses a levering system consisting of pulleys and cables. The reason for this is to have better energy retention in the bow as it bends the limbs and draws the strings. The central mount or the riser for instance is commonly made from magnesium or aircraft grade aluminum alloys; this is the component, which the limbs, stabilizers, sights and quivers are connected.

An Overview of Compound Bows

Protection, hunting tool, and a weapon of war are the most popular uses of a hunting bow in the early days. As the world has evolved and technology has become available; bows are no longer seen as a weapon for destruction, but as a tool for a sport or leisure. Archery has become a sport and an art for people to engage in; the world has gone beyond the idea of archery to be a method for defense or offense.

Popular Uses of a Compound Bow

The compound bow was used as a hunting weapon, protection, as well as a weapon of war in the old days. The world has modernized and now, people just look at bows with less threatening point of view. Archery has evolved from being a way to defend oneself and the people they serve to a more leisurely art or sport.

How to Choose the Right Compound Hunting Bow

A compound hunting bow is perhaps the most powerful type of drawn bow there is, save perhaps for the gun-like crossbow. The unique feel of drawing back on the bow with your own two hands, taking careful aim and letting loose an arrow definitely feels a lot better than simply pulling a trigger, anyway.

Arrow Cresting – What is it and Why is it Done?

You can crest your own arrows or you can enlist the aid of a machine. Here are some techniques you can use for arrow cresting to make your arrows more personalized.

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