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Archery Equipment – Beginner to Advanced

When taking up archery, one of the most important first steps to take is to make sure you have the right equipment for the job. Obviously, any prospective archer will need a bow and arrows that are right for their size and skill level. On top of this, however, there is a wide range of additional equipment available for the more skilled archer, or for those wishing to pursue archery professionally. This can range from body armour to accessories to assist with aiming and grip on the bow. Not everything is essential so, as a beginner, you should only look to buy what is absolutely necessary until you have a better understanding of the activity.

How Archery Has Changed Since Robin Hood’s Era Through to Today

The use of bows and arrows stems from the earliest recorded periods of human history. Throughout history, civilized cultures all over the world have practiced archery for hunting, warfare and recreational competition with varying degrees of popularity over time.

Archery Fun and Games – Bare is Best

Our archery club has devised over 40 archery games which are both fun to play and hone those instinctive shooting skills. Although originally designed for the longbow, they can be played by both recurve and compound archers so long as they shoot barebow.

The Journey of Archery

People have been shooting bows and arrows for at least 20,000 years. Some famous paintings of archers were at least that old.

Is Archery Making a Comeback?

It was more than a couple of hundred years ago when archery was truly popular in Britain. However, archery was always regarded as a great skill and recently has begun to see resurgence in Britain as a popular pastime and valuable skill.

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