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Getting Pinpoint Accuracy With Crossbow Laser Sights

While the developments in technology made it quite easier to use the crossbow, it is still very hard to determine where the arrow will go especially when the target is at a considerable distance. And crossbows usually use laser sights to enhance accuracy in additional of scopes.

How to Become a Certified Archery Coach

The sport of Archery depends on caring, capable coaches who introduce the sport to young archers. In the United States, archery coaches and instructors are certified under a single regulating body, USA Archery. The USA Archery certification program prepares coaches to help athletes successfully and safely develop their skills and abilities as they progress in competition. Instructors who possess a certification have been trained and tested in archery skills and safety, and is an important credential for professional or semi-pro coaches to market their service. There are 5 tiers of archery instructor certifications, as follows:

Archery Practice and Moving Objects With No Real Reference Points

As a young man learning to fly, one of the most challenging things I did to hone my skills as an aviator was to cut toilet paper in the sky. Yes, toilet paper. Yah, I suppose that sounds funny, “don’t cut the cheese too,” or “what ever happened to merely squeezing the Charmin?” Okay but jokes aside, this maneuver was much more difficult than you might think actually. Let me explain how it works.

Archery Sport Revival In the Age of Hunger Games Movie Sequels?

Well, it looks like the government wants to take away people’s guns, which I suppose is a scary thought for those who study their history, nevertheless, that seems to be the push in our society. Still, if people don’t have guns, they will still have machetes, knives, and bows and arrow. Trust me when I tell you a good archery marksman is still pretty deadly. Some of these folks are incredible hunters, and I don’t just mean those who win all the contests at the Olympics for long range target practice.

How To Choose The Crossbow Case

Surely you know that unpleasant feeling of having something you just recently bought got scratched or damaged. Especially if that something bore a huge hole in your pocket, like for example, a $1,000 crossbow. Of course, just like anyone else, you don’t want that to happen.

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