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From Longbow to Recurve – A Natural Evolution

Bows and arrows have a long and storied career that goes back possibly as far as 750,000 years. During that time, the bow has undergone an evolution, which we will explore in this text.

Choosing The Right Recurve Bow For You

Many archers prefer a more traditional recurve bow over the modern compound bow, and for a number of reasons. A common feeling among archers is that a recurve bow allows you to more easily connect with the essence of archery, rather than getting caught up in the technology. It also gives you more direct control over the shot, and is often more difficult without the guiding hand of hi-tech assistance.

Archery Equipment – Just How Much Archery Equipment Do You Need?

So you’ve seen one too many cowboy and Indian movies and decided to try out archery. Good decision. But what do you need? Where do you start? If you are not sure you are going to stay with it, nothing says you have to buy everything. If you are a student, ask if you can sign out some equipment from the physical education department.

Archery Bow Sale – Get to an Archery Bow Sale If You Can Find One

If you’ve been told that archery is not an expensive sport then someone sold you a bill of goods. The truth is that archery costs a lot more than most popular sports. And that is primarily why it does not garnish the same attention as other sports such as fishing, running, or badminton. The first thing you have to do is get your archery equipment together, at least one bow; there are several different styles and you need to know what you want.

What is Archery Fishing?

Archery fishing or bow fishing is a sport where a fisherman employs archery equipment to catch fish. Archery can be traced back at least 5,000 years to the ancient Egyptians who practiced archery in hunting as well as in warfare. There is little evidence that ancient conventional archery was utilized for fishing purposes, almost certainly due to the efficiency of the fishing net. Although it is unclear exactly when archery fishing was developed it has become one of the fastest growing archery sports in the nation.

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