It’s time to think about Decorative Screening if you want to transform your outside space.

Decorative Screening is the way to go if you want to take your outdoor space to the next level or create extra seclusion in your yard. A blank or dilapidated wall can be transformed into a striking piece in your backyard by decorating and remodelling outdoor areas. Decorative screening is another simple and affordable approach to transform a space like this into a fresh and elegant feature.

The possibilities are unlimited with Decorative Screens available in a variety of shapes, materials, colours, and sizes. Decorative Screens are extremely versatile and can be used as a statement piece, privacy screen, fence, gate, and even a facade.

Which form of screening is most suitable for you?
Screens by Alumaluxe
Custom-made Alumaluxe Screens are an excellent method to offer privacy to your house while also making a statement in your yard. These trendy statements come in a range of colours and designs, and they are rust-proof and do not require painting. Alumaluxe screens are created in Australia to your specifications and can be used for a range of applications. Because they are composed of a robust aluminium surface, they are also ideal for coastal regions.

Reed & Bamboo Screening
Bamboo and Reed Screens are another option for providing privacy, hiding unsightly parts, and providing shelter in your garden. With the one-sided Bamboo Screen and the double-sided Reed Screen, our Bamboo and Reed Screens are available in one size, making them more adaptable and easy to use. These Decorative Screens may help keep your garden looking healthy and delicious all year long by providing shade.

Screens with Lattices
Lattice Screens are a simple and effective solution to add seclusion to your outdoor living space. These screens are designed in a privacy diamond pattern and come in a variety of colorways with only pre-cut sizes available.

Wooden Screens
Decorative Timber Screens, like the Privacy Timber Slat Screen, give your yard a private, modern, and fashionable vibe. These screens are available in one shape, colour, and size, and are chemically stable and insects in addition to providing shade.

Screens for Rust
Rusted Decorative Screens come in a variety of patterns, like the Real Rust Steel Screen Fall, and are pre-rusted for a realistic appearance. These Decorative Screens are ideal for adding privacy to your yard while maintaining a fashionable and contemporary appearance. The screens are extremely lightweight and simple to install because they are only available in one size.

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