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Archery Basics

Introduction to the sport of archery. Touches on basic needs and possible options for breaking into the archery world.

For Convenient Archery Training, Design Your Own Range!

To the serious archer, few things are as enticing as building your own shooting range where you can conduct your archery training on your own time and without paying range fees or dues. If you have the space, building your own private, protected shooting range will give you a sense of pride as well as a place where you can relax, shoot arrows, and even drink a beer if you so desire! Here are some of the most important considerations when designing you archer range.

Differences Between Archery Arrows and Crossbow Arrows

The projectiles used for a long bow and a crossbow are also different. The long bow’s ammunition is a long arrow while a crossbow has bolts, which are usually shorter. One the main differences between an arrow and a bolt is its flight characteristics. An arrow’s fall depends on the lift gained in flight. Bolts fall at the same rate, not depending on the speed of their flight.

The Evolution of the Crossbow

This is a detailed, 1000 word article on the evolution of the crossbow and it’s rise in popularity in North America over the past twenty years. It delves into the different types of crossbows as well as how to use one safely and effectively. It provides tips on deer hunting, and even selecting your own personal crossbow and what you should look for.

How to Keep Your Bow in Good Shape

Modern bows do not need a lot of maintenance. However, if you want your expensive equipment to look like new and shoot with constant accuracy it is important to treat it accordingly. In this article a maintenance tips for compound bows are highlighted.

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