Information about enterprise print management

The all-in-one z/OS® software solution for mainframe printing is Enterprise Print ManagerTM, EPMTM. It has a single point of control for operation, control, and print management, and it can handle a variety of input and output formats.

All output from mainframe applications is received and handled by Enterprise Print ManagerTM. The output is in the native z/OS® format, such as AFP, Line data, and so on.

Conversion from AFP

Enterprise Print ManagerTM converts documents in real time to the desired output formats while retaining the original appearance. Documents are directed to the next step in the document workflow automatically.

EPMTM connects to office and production printers, as well as other applications both inside and outside the mainframe environment.

Conversion of AFP and line data; AFP to PDF, AFP to PCL, and AFP to PostScript

Enterprise Print ManagerTM converts AFP and line data from mainframe to PCL, PostScript, PDF, or ICDS formats. For non-AFP applications, SCS can also be converted to ASCII text.

Integration and archiving of web applications

EPMTM is also the z/OS platform for mainframe to Internet application integration employing both environments’ common standards, such as AFP to PDF conversion, reading, host-based e-mailing, and archiving input.

EPMTM has simple user interfaces that make administration simple.

AFP/A ISO standard, ready for AFP/Archive

The new AFP/Archive (AFP/A) standard is supported by Enterprise Print ManagerTM. ISO 18565:2015 describes the AFP document architecture by providing a subset that is suitable for long-term document and resource preservation and retrieval.

AFP output can be integrated into your office’s printing infrastructure.

On laser printers, AFP printing is simple to set up. EPMTM adapts current line-based legacy programmes, adding forms overlays, graphics, and colour images without modifying the host legacy or batch application, using the same AFP resources as IBM PSF. EPMTM outputs the host output to printers that have already been set up on the mainframe.

Enterprise Print Manager also connects with Secure Pull Print solutions by include the user’s name and job ID in the output file sent to the secure print solution, allowing users to retrieve their prints. You can read more about it from given sources:



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