How to Save YouTube Videos

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

Downloading YouTube videos may raise some legal and ethical concerns. If the action is not downloaded correctly, it may violate the site’s terms of service. However, no one has ever been sued by YouTube for violating these terms.

Before downloading YouTube videos, always consider YouTube’s copyright policy. Downloading TV shows or movies from YouTube is just as illegal as torrenting, and traditional media companies are aggressive in their legal defence.

You may also be on shaky ground with YouTube creators’ content, especially if you repurpose it for a reaction, response, or compilation video. But that doesn’t mean you can’t legally use their video content. Always obtain permission before downloading a creator’s clip, give credit where credit is due, and keep ‘fair use’ in mind whenever you create content that incorporates the work of another.

If you’re confident that you’re downloading legally, keep reading to find out how to download YouTube videos.


How to Save YouTube Videos to iPhone

The YouTube Premium app, like Android devices, allows you to download YouTube videos directly to your iPhone.

If you don’t want to pay for a YouTube Premium subscription, you can get Documents by Readdle for free from the app store. This is a file management app that allows you to free download YouTube videos. Select Documents, Browser, and then SaveFrom. Put the YouTube video link here. Save the YouTube video to your iPhone or iPad.

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