Getting Remedial Massage – A Quick Guide To Effective Massage Therapy For Melbourne Residents

Motions that are repeated over and over. Heavier lifting is required. For hours on end, awkward positions. Some occupations put you at risk for musculoskeletal problems (MSDs). Whether your job requires you to lift and move heavy boxes or scan grocery items at the checkout counter, long-term exposure to certain working environments and physically demanding tasks can cause neck and back pains, wrist injuries, muscle tightness, and a variety of other aches and pains, all of which can have a negative impact on your overall health, mobility, and well-being.


The Healing Process


Remedial massage, a type of deep tissue massage, works on muscles and tendons that have been damaged, knotted, or impeded to provide a healing treatment. To ensure that the muscles associated to your condition are deeply penetrated, a lubricating medium, such as oil, is frequently given directly to your skin. The remedial massage Melbourne therapists provide not only relieves joint stiffness and tension and improves mobility, but it also allows your body’s own repair mechanism to work more quickly, alleviating you of pain and discomfort.


According to a survey done by Dr. Kenny Ng in partnership with the RMIT University School of Health and Sciences, massage therapies, especially remedial massage, are being recognized as safe and effective therapy choices. Massage therapy was found to be particularly useful in treating persistent lower back pain, delayed onset muscular soreness, anxiety, and tension, according to the study. Massage therapy has even been shown to improve the well-being of those who have been diagnosed with chronic or terminal conditions such as cancer. The Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT) emphasizes, however, that the use of massage therapy as a safe therapeutic option is contingent on professional qualification and accreditation.


Finding Your Massage Therapist


Because the field is still largely unregulated, with practitioners not obliged to register as professionals, it is recommended that you get advice from medical practitioners and other registered health experts before seeking massage therapy treatment. Your therapist must be able to precisely evaluate which areas of your body are giving you discomfort because every remedial massage begins with an examination and assessment. This means that your therapist must have finished a remedial massage diploma program or a bachelor’s degree in musculoskeletal treatment, as well as other relevant qualifications.


Look for massage therapists who are members of an industry association such as the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA) or the AAMT, according to the AAMT. Consumers, like you, can be assured that therapists who belong to such organizations follow proper techniques, ethical processes, and safety rules, resulting in effective treatment for a wide range of issues.


Do not ignore those aches and pains, whether they are the result of built-up knots and blockages after a stressful day at work or persistent injuries received from a physically demanding profession. Consider the therapeutic benefits of remedial massage and let an experienced and accredited professional therapist to help you restore your body’s health and wellbeing now.




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