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Archery – A Good Way To Make New Friends

In our buzzing and busy world, it is so hard to make time for friends or make new friends. There are so many things people prioritize over camaraderie. A thousand years ago people were already very much contented with a comfy cave to live in, a warm animal skin to clothe their body and a sufficient supply of food. But nowadays, we are not contented with just a clean house to live in, sufficient food and clothing to wear. There are so many things that we need to “make us happy” or so we think. There are gadgets to acquire, a flashy sports car, out of the country vacation annually and the expensive jewelry we wear and we give to our wife.

Tips in Bow Hunting

In bow hunting an archer must have the right type of bow. The equipment that is used in bow hunting may differ on the type of person who want to use it like, using a crossbow is good for master archers who know how to control its power and estimate the long-range that it can have. For beginner, they can use the re-curve and long bows and for younger archers they can use youth bow as best suited to them.

The Real Zen in the Art of Archery

A critique on the famous book by E. Herrigel on traditional archery. In this article the author considers certain aspects of traditional archery that can be found in modern archery even if it is not considered spiritual.

Archery Crossbows – A Guide to the Fine Art of Shooting a Crossbow

The bow and arrow system of a crossbow is different from the ordinary bow and arrow. A mechanical device is added to a frame across which sits the bow. The device allows you to pull the string by a trigger, making it easier for a hunter or shooter with not so ‘strong’ arm, shoot a crossbow.

Archery Quivers

Quivers are very much helpful for an archer. It is designed to carry and hold the supplies of the archer. It makes their equipment keep in place and help them to carry that equipment comfortably. Its function varies in different ways to sustain particular uses.

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