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Guidelines for Safe Archery Practice

Learning to shoot with a bow and arrow can be an enjoyable process for both children and adults. Follow guidelines for safe archery practice to prevent injuries.

Archery Is Fun For Sportsmen and Hunters Alike

Archery is back in style and businesses are equipped to offer full service to bowmen. There is more to this activity than hunting; many have enjoyed a variety of sports utilizing the bow and arrow.

9 Best Reasons to Learn Archery

Thinking about starting archery? Here are the best reasons to pick up a bow and arrow.

The Cost of Archery (FITA, NFAA, USAT, or USA Archery)

My daughter and I started shooting as something fun we could do in our backyard. I hunted as a child and so one Christmas we headed to Cabela’s and picked up a Bear Apprentice in Pink Camo. Kristin, my daughter, shot a 272 in Vegas with her Bear. Vegas is known as the largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament in the World. That year I spent maybe $500 on archery. The following year’s total for equipment alone was over $5k.

Never Fear, Quick Fletch Is Here

In the old days compound bows were much slower, to control that slower arrow flight you needed a large fletching or vane. Compound bows have since become much smaller and very fast and it doesn’t take as large a fletching to control the arrow flight. In the old days, to fletch an arrow, you also needed an expensive steel or aluminum jig/fixture and lots of messy glue.

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