In our yards and gardens, most of us have desired a bit more seclusion. Unless you live on a large piece of land, you probably have a neighbour who is a little too near. You might wish to feel a little less exposed when enjoying your own outside space, no matter how close you are to your neighbours (or not!). No worries, if you’re looking for backyard privacy solutions, look no further! Lookie-loo neighbours or a bustling street? These DIY garden privacy screens and plants are the perfect solution.

This simple DIY privacy screen from ‘The Sweetest Digs’ is designed for a deck, but it may be modified to work in a variety of settings. This is an easy project that anyone can undertake thanks to the step-by-step images and directions. Take a look at the before and after photographs to see the difference this outdoor screen made.

Let’s visit ‘The Happy Housie’ to discover how to build an outside screen out of cedar planks. This backyard privacy design is ideal for a porch, deck, or patio, which we adore. The planks are of various thicknesses, which gives this project a high-end appearance. The tutorial is simple to follow.

If you like the aesthetic but don’t want to spend the money, the Fusion Privacy Screen from ‘Wayfair’ is composed of solid cedar, stands alone, and comes with planters. If you need an outdoor screen that doesn’t require support posts or a structure to attach to, this is the way to go. (Note: Because this item is so popular, it frequently runs out of stock; however, they generally offer a restock date, and you can look at other possibilities while you wait!)

If you need a privacy screen for your balcony, ‘Dunn Lumber’ offers the right DIY instruction for you! We like how this has a planter attached to it, as well as wheels. If you have neighbours on both sides, this is ideal.

Try this outdoor screen planter pair by ‘Gina Michele if you like the classic lattice appearance and require a privacy screen for a broad area. This is fantastic! This is the project for you if you have something unsightly you want to screen (ugly camper, anyone?)

If you don’t want to make it but like the aesthetic of lattice, this version is available on Amazon. It’s made of solid wood, stands alone, and is small enough to fit on a balcony or patio.

‘Deborah Silver’ has created for us a wonderful privacy wall consisting of wooden poles and planters loaded with herbs and succulents. While you don’t have to use hand-carved posts as she did, the concept is easy to replicate! Do you prefer flowers? Stick to a colour palette and have fun! Just make sure you choose shade plants if your privacy fence is in the shade, and full sun plants the same way.

‘Martha Stewart’ shows us how to make a container garden with rain gutters that also serve as a garden privacy screen. We love how they made this backyard privacy idea with copper gutters!

‘Thrifty & Chic’ created this quick and easy outdoor privacy screen. She spent less than $100 on this faux pergola backyard privacy curtain! It’s also rather lovely!

A quick and easy tutorial on how to create this backyard privacy screen using curtains can be found at ‘Lowes.’

This outdoor screen built from old doors has us swooning! What a fantastic idea for backyard seclusion! ‘Country Living’ magazine. Imagine looking at this instead of your neighbour’s children’s jungle structure.{POSTID}#post{POSTID}

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