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The Dangers of Dry Firing a Bow

Dry firing a bow can be a very costly mistake, and can even badly injure you. Learn about what can happen to your bow if you were to dry fire it and how to minimize the chances of you dry firing a bow.

How You Can Stop Killing Your Wrist With Your Bowstring

Getting hit with your bowstring is never a pleasant experience, In this article we will go over what causes it and how to fix it, without having to buy expensive equipment. By exercising these tips you will be able to eliminate the chances of getting hit.

Bow Safety – Things You Should Avoid at All Costs

Archery is a fun and addictive sport, that is enjoyed by countless people. What some people tend to forget however is that while archery is fun it can be deadly as well if you’re not careful and keep safety in mind. Every year there are people injured from being careless or just not knowing about the “do not’s” of shooting a bow. This article will provide you with the knowledge you need in order to keep yourself from getting injured or injuring somebody else.

Improving Your Shot Accuracy

Accuracy is a major part of archery, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced shooter. Archers are always trying to improve their accuracy in order to get better penetration, and of course to get bragging rights. You see it with company ads all the time. They come out with these sights and rests that have been “designed with the archer in mind”; Guaranteed to make you more accurate.

Day One- Fatigue and Frustration

I hate getting up early. You know how in all those Olympic sports movies like Cutting Edge and Miracle it always seems like they enjoy getting early to train? Complete Bull!

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