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Preparing For Your First Hunt With Your Martin Bow

For over 50 years, Martin Archery has been making high quality, U.S. made bows and archery accessories and the company has a large following of satisfied customers. Whether you’re in the market for your first bow or you’ve been bow hunting for many years, Martin bows are rated as some of the best hunting bows in the world. With the speed and accuracy that you need, Martin bows will help you get the game every time.

Bowtech Bows Vertical Force Technology

What happens when you take the best in bows and match it with the most advanced technology? You come out with Bowtech bows Vertical Force Technology, otherwise known as VFT.

Horton Bows to Make Compound Bows

For years Horton has made quality crossbows but it wasn’t until 2008 that the company decided to make a major change and begin to offer compound bows. With the help of Chuck Nease, one of the most successful competition shooters out there, Horton will offer a number of different compound bows. It was only after the company purchased Outdoor Products Group that they felt that they had the right mix of technology and equipment to make this happen.

When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Recurve Bow

You’ve already been using a recurve bow for many years now, but it’s time to upgrade and try out a new bow. While it’s hard to move away from your old faithful bow since it’s proved to work well for many years, getting a new recurve bow is like turning a new page.

What You Should Know About Buying a Used Compound Bow

Whether it’s your first or your fifth compound bow, make sure you do sufficient research before you buy so that you get the perfect bow. Too many people base their decisions on compound bows from things that don’t matter.

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