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How to Paper Tune Your Bow

In my broadhead tuning feature, I wrote about the steps required for tuning your bow and your arrows. In this column, I want to go into more detail about the important process of paper tuning. This is the quick technique to make the adjustments needed for laser-straight arrow flight.

Archery Sights and Why They’re a Crucial Component

Archery sights are the “matchmaker” between the shooter and their intended target. Without them, your accuracy and consistency is drastically reduced, resulting in frustration and can be overall disheartening, making the archer lose interest. When sighted in properly, bow sights will not only improve your precision, but also build your confidence with every arrow that finds it’s mark.

Crossbow Hunting With Steve

I decided to go crossbow hunting, or as some might say shopping, the other day. I needed, well, you name it, the whole nine yards.

8 Steps to Cure Target Panic

If you are one of those very fortunate bow hunters who has never experienced target panic, then you may not fully understand just how debilitating this syndrome can be for some archers. However, target panic is a crippling condition that affects both novice and experienced archers alike and thus, although no definitive studies have been done to date, some experts believe that ninety percent or more of bow hunters will experience target panic at some point during their hunting careers. In fact, it is quite likely that target panic is the number one reason that most archers leave the sport of bow hunting behind!

Sharpening Archery Skills at Summer Camp

Archery is one summer camp activity that challenges both the mind and body. Since it is also perfectly suited for kids of all ages and abilities and can be played indoors or outside, it is one of the most popular sports at camp. Whether your child has been playing for years or they just picked up their first bow, here are some of the top ways your child will sharpen their skills in archery class this summer.

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