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Compound Bow Cams Explained

Simply put, compound bow cams are the pulleys, usually attached to the end(s) of the weapon. These are almost round in shape and usually attached to the limb(s), the cable slides, the bow strings and the buss cable. The cams’ main purpose is to take in as much kinetic energy from the pull exerted on the bow string and keep it off the aiming arm. This ensures that the arm and the bow remain steady during aiming which should result in a more accurate shot.

What Are Compound Bows?

Archery sure has evolved progressively over the years, and compound bows are very good evidences of that. As the name suggests, this type of weaponry works on a compound system comprising of cables, levers and pulleys that produce high velocity arrows that can fly off with the archer exerting very little effort in one pull.

Youth Compound Bows

Simply put, youth compound bows are similar in construction as with most other compound bows with two exceptions. One: although these are usually lightweight in design, the youth bows are even more so, making these easier for kids’ to carry and sustain in a shooting stance – hence the name.

Improve Your Archery Skills by Using Archery Stabilizers

Owning and using the correct equipment is very important when it comes to sports or hobbies like archery. Archery is a rather high risk activity for which you need a certain amount of skill and the right equipment to excel in. One important type of equipment in archery that you can add to your kit is an archery stabilizer.

Introduction to Archery Sets and Other Equipment – Archery Sets For Beginners

Archery is an enjoyable, exciting, and very challenging activity to engage in, either as a hobby or a full time sport. There are, however, certain risks and dangers involved in archery. You can minimize these risks and avoid the accompanying dangers by choosing the right archery equipment for your skill level.

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