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Archery Recurve Bow – A Powerhouse in Your Hands

The bow and the arrow – perhaps the second oldest hunting gear used by humanity. Other than the lowly rock, the first was almost certainly a crude spear; a stick with a pointed rock or shell attached to one end. One can only imagine some clever ancestor of ours looking for a way to hunt with a spear without having to get in striking distance of the woolly mammoth. So the spear became the sleek arrow.

How Does the Type of Arrow You Use Affect Your Bow’s Strength?

When compound bow manufacturers advertise their latest bow, it’s all about the power and speed with which it will fire an arrow. What they fail to mention is that the kind of arrow you use will have a huge say in how fast it will be fired. Not only that, the type of arrow you use will have an effect on the accuracy with which it shoots.

Archery Hunting – The Mark of a Gentleman

Many people regard bow hunting as something of a barbaric and uncivilized sport. However nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, those in the know regard it a the mark of a gentleman. Further investigation will reveal that this sport embraces many rules of ethics that other pastimes do not. Are these rules restraining? Yes. Do bow hunters grumble about them? Absolutely not. They understand that these rules were born of necessity, and as a matter of fact, sustain the sport.

Getting Started With a Recurve Bow – The Most Expensive Recurve Bow

Recurve bows are designed in such a way that they store more energy with each shot, making the arrow move faster and become more powerful. Since a shorter bow is allowed with the recurve system, this gives archers a lot of advantage especially when they need to deal with environments that make it hassling to use long weapons.

Recurve Bow Basics – How to Make a Recurve Bow

Want to learn how to make a recurve bow? Many people before you have also taken on the project of learning how to make a recurve bow. Some do it for economic reasons, while others do it to customize their bow according to their preferences. Regardless of your reasons, though, it cannot be denied that making your own bow gives you better understanding of archery in general.

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