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Carbon Fiber and NanoTech Will Improve the Accuracy in Archery

There have been some incredible technological advances in archery over the past couple of hundred years, but we are about to see a huge technological leap with new nano materials. Arrows and bows made out of carbon nano tubes, graphene, and bucky paper will make arrows super strong, and very accurate, as well as thinner and thus, faster. For the crossbow hunter this gives them a superb advantage over wild game.

Knowing Your Archery Equipment

Archery is a sport that has been around for thousands of years. It began as a way to hunt for food but with the advent of newer, more advanced weapons, archery is now used mostly for sport. Though it has taken a back seat to other types of hunting, the equipment used in the practice of archery has not been left behind with advances in technology. There are three main pieces of equipment necessary to practice archery. They are bows, arrows and a target. Though not a physical piece of equipment, the archers stance should also be considered a necessary part of archery.

Cheap Compound Bows

It’s a crisp morning, the sun has not even broken the horizon to warm the foliage that crunches beneath your feet. You hear a small animal scurry away as you make your way to set up your ambush. There is a cool breeze blowing in your face. You think to yourself, “the conditions are perfect, I won’t be detected. You are finally at your point of arrival. You slowly climb to your stand and secure your weapon. It may be a long wait be fore your target arrives, but you know you are well prepared to make the first shot count.

Learning About Bows – The Basics of Compound Bows

Advanced compound bows feature pulley systems called cams that are found at each end of the bow to pull the strings. As you draw the bow, the cams pull and turn the strings, lessening the amount of force it requires. This makes advanced compound bows easier to use than traditional or recurve bows.

Archery Sets – Tips For Choosing the Right Archery Equipment

Both amateur and professional archers can benefit purchasing archery sets. They come with everything that you need to play the sport.

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