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Do You Struggle With a Portsmouth?

Shooting a Portsmouth can be difficult, and many archers find themselves shaking into the fifth dozen. This article offers some advice for building your shooting stamina.

Compound Archery – The Basics

Basic introduction to the terminology and equipment of compound archery. Description of the compound bow. Advantages of compound archery over traditional recurve archery.

Traditional Archery – Making Your Own Wooden Arrows

Making your own arrows can be incredibly satisfying, however the selection of wood to choose from can be overwhelming! This article walks you through some of the choices available, and explains what might be best for your shooting.

Archery Tips – Aim Small, Hit Small

The quote “Aim small, hit small” has been used over and over again as a tip in sniper schools, and it applies when giving archery tips as well. What this means is that if you aim small, you will hit small. If you aim at a target, you will miss the target.

The Beginner’s Guide to Traditional Archery

Why would you choose a simple stick bow over today’s shiny, technologically advanced compound monsters? While it is true that modern advances have made archery more beginner friendly, the traditional longbow remains potent, lighting fast, and great fun.

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