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Strength and Spine of Carbon Arrows

The shaft and spine of carbon arrows are a very important addition to successful bowhunting. The “shaft” of the arrow is also known as the GPI or “grains per inch” on the bow. If you look in small letters, you’ll see something like “7.3 GPI” or “9.5 GPI” or something greater or less.

A Look At The Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow

People who are into the hobby of hunting will surely appreciate the new Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow. The previous versions of this crossbow have always been a favorite among hunters because it is easy to use and is very accurate when it comes to shooting at targets. Now, it has been redesigned into a better and more effective crossbow.

The Barnett Predator A Powerful Crossbow

Hunters and hobbyist who are looking for a more powerful crossbow should seriously consider the Barnett Predator 18035 Crossbow. This crossbow made by Barnett can be considered the most powerful among all crossbows that they have produced. Its power is further complemented by its durability which assures its user that it can be used for hours of hunting.

Bowhunting and Kinetic Energy

You bring your bow out into the yard for some target practice. You’re shooting at the bulls-eye and putting 3 arrows inside of a 3 inch circle. Your speed is phenomenal.

New Archery Equipment 2011 Review

A review of the new archery equipment introduced for 2011. This review covers top manufactures of BOWS, ARROWS, Sights, Broadheads and Arrow Rest’s. Most reviews are my own recommended products.

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