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Keys To Selecting The Best Arrows

Selecting the right arrows for your compound bow set up is critical for your success. Before you go searching for the next best thing to get better groups first examine the arrows you shoot.

A Beginners Guide to Archery

Shooting arrows from a bow at targets is what archery is all about. The target has circles with varying widths. The main target is right in the middle of the target.

Archery And Its Many Forms

Archery has been a popular recreational activity for generations. It has been in use since the dawn of mankind. Archery has been used in many varied ways.

Drawing And Releasing 2 of 2

When you repeatedly and consistently pull the string back during practice then you are going to eliminate a lot of the creep that you might have. This will only aid you in making sure that you hit the target at the same point time after time.

Drawing And Releasing – 1 of 2

When a person is first starting of in archery there are many things that they will have to learn. They will have to learn how to hold the bow, place the arrow on the bow, draw back, aim, and follow through.

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