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Sitka Gear Bivy 30 Review

I was lucky enough to be able to hunt with Sitka’s Bivy 30 in 2011. For my trial run I was going to be on a 4 day Bivy hunt for mule deer in the Colorado high country. My first impression of the Bivy 30 was that it was a well-built straight forward pack that was designed for the backcountry hunter.

Does Everything Depend Upon Luck in Bingo Games?

Winning in bingo is solely dependent upon luck. Although a few tactics are said to increase chances of winning, these strategies are not full proof.

Bowtech Invasion CPX Review

One of the benefits of being in the hunting industry is testing out new equipment ever year and one of my new favorites is Bowtech’s New Invasion CPX. After shooting Bowtech’s Destroyer 350 last year and loving the overall balance and speed of the bow I wasn’t exactly sure that I wanted to switch bows for the season, but that was before I was able to shoot the Invasion for the first time. Every manufacture clams that there bow is the fastest, smoothest and most accurate and what I have always found is that there are trade offs that you…

New Matthews 2012 Heli-M Bow – A Closer Look

Mathews Archery has released their newest bow for their 2012 compound bow lineup. The Heli-m is said to be the application of over 20 years of bow related technology and research, but will it be enough to crush its competition? Take a closer look at the New 2012 Mathews Heli-m.

What Is Traditional Archery?

Seriously? You’re asking this? Ok fine. As the name suggests, obviously traditional archery encompasses anything that has little to do with the modern adaptation of the sport. For instance, traditionally archery was used for hunting or warring purposes. And not to be a fancy schmook by hitting a colourful target board. But of course, that might not be a good enough explanation for you. So here’s a more elaborate breakdown. Maybe, just maybe you’ll begin to understand what traditional archery is.

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