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All About Foam Archery Targets

Knowing what type of targets are available and what works best for you will definitely help you in mastering the skill of shooting. There are actually four basic types of shooting targets and these are 3d, block, paper and foam archery targets.

How to Make Your Own Foam Archery Target

A foam archery target is a favorite among archers because it has the ability to withstand numerous arrow strikes. Also, it does not have the tendency to damage arrow heads when they enter and leave the target.

All About Howard Hill Archery Bows

Howard Hill Archery Bows have been in the industry for the longest years and a lot of archers patronize them because the brand is simply synonymous to quality. The man who started the company- Howard Hill was unofficially referred to as the “World’s Greatest Archer” because he is the only person to win 196 archery field tournaments in succession. He was introduced into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame in 1971 for his unprecedented skill in the sport.

Guide in Buying Used Golden Eagle Archery Bows

Used bows are typically 50% to 80% cheaper and you can find a lot of them over the internet. One of the most popular searches is Golden Eagle Archery, aside from being inexpensive, the bows remain as one of the all-time favorites among hunters and target shooters alike.

Benefits of Fred Bear Archery Bows For Youth and Experienced Shooters

The makers of Fred Bear Archery Bows are so popular for their ability to produce the most innovative and modern bows in the market today. The owner is often referred to as the “Father of Modern Archery.” Bear’s knowledge in archery is considered as one of the most extensive in the industry and this can be traced back to the 1930 when he secured his very first patent for archery advancements.

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